Friday, November 16, 2007

YVR Taser Death the ONLY Story

The Sun's coverage of the Taser death at YVR is appropriate and first rate. Yes, the pictures belong on the front page.

And Stockwell Day is wrong to dismiss off hand a public enquiry.

And the RCMP are completely wrong to keep these 4 goons at work.

This is Rodney King revisited and the video that has now flown swiftly around the world demonstrates one of the strengths of the "global village."

If the RCMP and the government think that this story will wither and die in the coming few days, they are about to learn how sadly they are mistaken.

The Candian public would like to return to the days of having respect and trust for its police forces.

As long as these atrocities occur, that desire will be an unfulfilled ache.

NOTE: The video was posted below last night.

Torta Me, A-Torta-You

The skyrocking price of pasta is causing panic in the streets of Italy.

This is a curious reflection of the skyrocketing price of maize and tacos and torillas in Mexico.

The reason? Biofuels.

Corn gets more at the pump than the sump and more growers are switching from wheat to corn and other biofuel producers.

Our friend Adrian Mastracci led us by the nose to this tasty morsel from CNN, MoneyNews.

Addiction Recovery in America

Great NY Times article on Recovery Centres and addictions in Florida and other communities around America. It includes a video.

Bravo to all these folks!

And ask the idiot murdering experts here in BC what they know about these centres of hope and recovery.

"No Cell Phones" Catching On

Maybe we'll pick up this trend from Seattle soon. I hope so.

More and more businesses - including Seattle's millions of coffee shops - are banning cell phones outright or forcing users to wait in line while others are served.

This is a great little story from the Seattle PI sent in by our friend, Martin.