Sunday, April 15, 2007

Duke Ellington - Satin Doll

The relationship between Duke and Billy Strayhorn was complex and worthy of a few PhD dissertations for sure. What is never a mystery however is the result: rich, original, unforgettable, timeless. This contribution is from a regular commentator. Many thanks, M.

Independent Lens

Here's just a little taste of the GENIUS of Billy Strayhorn, the gay, black writer, arranger who wrote and arranged so many of Duke Ellington's hits, including "Take the A Train."

Go the library or a good book store and read "Lush Life," the wonderful bio of Strayhorn. Without him, there was no American music.

Rush-ing to Judgment

Here's another wonderful discovery.

A website/blog called "Media Matters." In this edition, the writer(s) chronicle a seemingly endless list of Don Imus-like racist, sexist disgusting comments from rich and famous American Radio Talk Show Hosts.

Check this out!

Duplicity Exposed

This is great!

A blog called "The Real McCain" that completely skewers this double-talking phoney deparado, including marvelous video.

If you believe in the basic, inherent falseness of most politicians (and why wouldn't you?), then you'll love this.

"We've Hit an Iceberg"

Today is the anniversary (April 15, 1912) of one of the greatest sea stories of all time - the sinking of the Titanic. No wonder this story has been made into at least 3 movies that I can think of, although there may be more.

The Maritime Museum, right here at Kits Point, terribly underfunded, has real Titanic memorabilia stashed away in its basement stores. It's worth a visit. And, of course, Victoria has a HUGE wave of Titanica on right now and that certainly seems worth a visit.

Finally, go to your specialty video store - Videomatica on 4th Avenue is a great one, and their website is right here in the right-hand column - and rent "A Night To Remember," made in 1958. Not anywhere near as spectacular as James Cameron's great and great, big movie, it is nevertheless just as powerful for the way all the stories told become one tragic and terrifying story.

The Big Wrinkle

Nobody wants to die.

Especially in Canada, where we have one of the fastest grow "old" populations in the world.

No surprise then that the "anti-aging" pharmaceutical and herb industry is positively raving these days.

Read this piece in the NY Times this morning, and remember: Sucker beware. We all come with an expiry date.