Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last week, Premier Everything staged another tent show to declare war on gang violence.

Of course, he promised one thing or another including more police and more prosecutors.

Not many were overwhelmed.

In yesterday's budget, on the other hand, where the rubber actually meets the road, prosecution and court services are being cut.

Politicians really are amazing creatures, aren't they?

On Friday they can yell, "RED!" from the rooftops...and on Monday, they can claim they really meant "BLUE" all along.

And they do this not only with a straight face, but with a claim of honor at the same time.

And why not?

The sheep are busy watching the Canucks and volunteering for the Games.

The dissemblers are re-elected time and again.

By the way...

On the weekend, I met a man who is in the furniture business.

For many years, he had a good shop going around Eighth and Cambie.

When the tunnelling began, he moved.

Now his store is around Eighth and Granville.

It cost him only $300,000 of his own money in lost income and moving expenses to escape the Canada Line's Big Bore machinery.




History will not be honored, at least this year in Quebec.

The planned reenactment of the Plains of Abraham battle that occurred 250 years ago has been cancelled because of threats of violent protests by separatists.


What was the point of building a modern Canada if it is to be intimidated by thugs?


I am the organizer and moderator for a monthly series of debates held at the Vancouver Public Library, downtown branch. Tonight at 7:30 we are discussing the STV electoral reform that will be on the May 12th provincial ballot.

I really wanted to schedule a hearty debate about the real costs of the Olympic Games.

Of course, I have had to abandon all hope of doing that.

You know why.

Because no one from the provincial government or VANOC will argue openly in public about the real costs of the Games.

Turns out no one in the provincial or federal governments will even reveal the true costs of the Games in any forum.

Take yesterday's provincial budget, please.

Olympics security tab under cover in budget

In spite of persistent questioning from many members of the press, Finance Minister Colin Hansen would not say a word on this expenditure of your tax dollars.

Nor will the feds.

This is called Taxation Without Representation.

It is a fundamental violation of the ideals of democracy.

But, what me worry?

We've got luges to watch!


Medical officers seek more injection sites


These are the $300,000/year CEO's of the various Health Authorities that soak up enormous portions of our health spending.

They know nothing about addiction problems.

But they are fond of uttering the high-sounding convenient catchphrase of the past decade" "continuum of care."

As soon as I hear this slur on common sense, head for the hills.

As soon as I hear this assault on reason, I know that someone wants to give more addicts more places to shoot up because they are too lazy and frightened to help the addict quit.


We have gone so far in the wrong direction.


You think we've got problems?

You don't like Campbell's budget?

Try California.

The state cannot pass its own budget, facing a $42 Billion deficit and potential layoffs of over 10,000 public employees, among other problems.

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