Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fire the Customs People Who Disgrace Us

Six aboriginal dancers from Papua New Guinea were detained and questioned by Canada Customs at YVR for 6 hours and then flown back to their home.

This group was here on a cultural exchange.

They don't speak or understand English.

But two idiot bureaucrats treated them like criminals and deported them on the spot.

I think this is sickening.

Why are these two destructive fools still employed by this country?

Why has Ottawa not responded to the complaints in this case?

Why are known criminals and thugs happily sipping lattes in our sunshine when these perfectly innocent guests are treated so shabbily, so inhumanely?

Will no one take responsibility?

Next !

"It's not city council's business to make specific decisions about specific marketing initiatives by Tourism Vancouver," said Ladner.

This is Peter ladner, who is running for mayor.

And he is absolutely right in this case, responding to the frivolous and irrlevant recommendation of Vision Counsilor Tim Stevenson that the city should be spending more money to attract lesbian tourists.

This "idea" is as potent as Free range eggs and beautified dumpsters.

New Law Gets My Vote

The Province reports that both drivers in a two car collision were drunk.

I think that's a good program and should be written into law.

All drunk drivers must crash into each other and no one else.

Earth to Ford Motor...

Never thought I'd see it.

DEARBORN, Mich. — The Ford Motor Company, which devoted itself for nearly 20 years to putting millions of Americans into big pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles, is about to drastically alter its focus to building more small cars.

The company that brought you the Exploder and that lost only $15 Billion in the last two years is finally getting brilliant.


No doubt their execs pull in HUGE compensations, when, in fact, they should be put on trial for being polluters.

Read the blessed news here.

Killer Poetry

"PARIS — Radovan Karadzic, one of the world’s most wanted war criminals for his part in the massacre of nearly 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica in 1995, was arrested Monday in a raid in Serbia that ended a 13-year hunt."

So reads the NY Times first paragraph.

My favorite part of this story is that Mr. K. did not waste his time hiding in barn lofts.

No. The man who had thousands raped and terrorized and placed in extermination camps published a book of children's poetry in 2002.

Who was the enlightened publisher?

K. is charged now with genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Come on...he writes poetry for kids. He can't be that bad, can he?

I'd like to add Wally Oppal and the B.C. Human Rights Commission and the National parole Board to this scenario and see what we get.