Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pam's Ramble About the School System

I am frustrated that we have to pay so much to send our boys to private school in order to get the education that we feel they deserve.

These children are our future.

We are all paying our tax dollars for a system that has slowly declined and deteriorated. Just one item that bothers me - Why is Queen Elizabeth annex still open when the local school Southlands has seen declining enrollment over the last few years? Are the School Board Trustees afraid to deal with parents who like their sons/daughters attending a small school?

I think that when teachers became unionized they did themselves a great disservice. I was part of a union for many years and in the airline industry it was absolutely essential that we have a union.

A good friend of mine does nothing but complain about being a teacher. Yet she enjoys all

the holidays and the summers off. Her days are not even close to being as long as people Iknow who work in the private sector.

I agree with you regarding the teachers.

My younger son was in Grade 7 when I exchanged harsh words with his teacher outside the classroom. I insistedthat she stop yelling at the kids and that I would see to it that she never yelled at my son again.

Three boys, age 12, heard her say the f wordwhen she came back into the classroom. Great role model!

My older son had the same teacher when he was in Grade 7 and he was a nervous wreck. She approached us at sports day and asked us why we wereforcing him to attend a private school the following year. She informed us that he was very stressed out. It was about a year later that our son told us that the only reason he was stressed was because she yelled at the kids all the time.

He wanted to attend X School and he loved it there.I knew that nothing would be done so we chose to send our boys to private school where we can have a say in their education.What I saw over the 12 years of being affiliated with that school was pathetic. We lost the music program, the Christmas concert and by the time I left, the parents were running all but one of the sports programs and doing all the fundraising

Afghanistan War is About Quebec Votes

The only thing you need to know about SNC Lavalin, the company that holds the HALF BILLION contract with your government for services in Afghanistan - is that it comes from Montreal.

So - follow the money - we are wasting Canadian lives and tax dollars in a hopeless campaign to buy votes in French Canada.

Taser Murder - Chapter 4

Politicians - yech!

You think they called for the inquiry into the Taser Murder because they wanted to or because it was the right thing to do or because they thought of it first?

It was only yesterday that we called for the inquiry right here on these pages.

Not that they responded to these pages.

They responded - the damn phony fools - to the WORLD WIDE OUTRAGE.

And as recently as Friday, John Les said there was no need to apologize. Now he's sorry.

Do people who go into politics self-select as phony mindless dorks, or do they just become that way after 2 weeks in office?

Here's a Gold Shovel. So Dig Already

So the prison guard who earns $15/hr. - maybe - and has a job more boring than dentistry - takes a major league bribe to let Mr. Dangerous Criminal escape from the like most secure jail in the world, or BC or Fernie or wherever.

We are...like, amazed, right?

Win Medals, Earn $$$



Stones, Again!!