Saturday, September 8, 2007

TV Fund is Robbery

The most interesting elemnt in today's paper was not a news item.

It was a more than half page ad asking, "What does spending 2.5 billion of your money to fund original canadian TV programs get you?"

The answer, of course, was "Not much."

Now, this as was bought and paid for by Shaw, who no doubt have their own agenda.

But the ad (page A10 of this morning's Sun) spells out exactly how the money is wasted.

And the ad is correct.

The Canadian Televison Fund is a sham; always was.


The tragedy of the Oak Bay murders/suicide can be studied and investigated and commissioned till the cows come home, and nothing much will be learned or changed.

Buy to learn that the all-knowing, superior Telus had lost its database for the 911 system and that digital radios and cellphones for Oak Bay and Saanich were on the fritz - well, that is sickening.

We can't expect crazy people to be much more than crazy.

But we should be able to expect that emergency telephone and radio sytems are maintained in working order.

Fans R Fools

Beyonce was one hour late.

The fans loved her anyway.

Not me. I don't care who you are. Keep me waiting for your show for an hour:

a) I'm outta there

b) I never buy your albums again

c) I bad mouth you every chance I get.

Does Beyonce's best friend, the highly moralistic Oprah, ever tell her about responsibility?

Unions Wrong to defend Rapists

Unions shoot themselves in the foot when they "rescue" the "rights" of rapists.

Not one, but two, prison guards at Matsqui are working in spite of being charged and/or investigated for sexual assault. These charges or suspicions are for events alleged to have occur ed outside the work site.

Nevertheless, who wants such men working in the confined and controlling atmosphere of a hot house jail?

At the very least, they should be suspended with pay until the matters are cleared or decided.

And the union should be quiet.

Federer as Poetry

Beautiful little editorial piece in this morning's NY Times. Well worth the read.