Monday, January 23, 2012


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Most people don't understand that psychiatry is not based on science but on theories that are never proven in any accepted scientific manner. Their theories cannot be proven in any literal way. It's all just in their heads. Seriously.

And in our twisted system of law (it's a 'lawyer system', not a legal system), psychiatrists are paid obscene sums to opine on anything without a single shred of evidence except "their opinion". They are hired guns for the law courts, and for the pharmaceutical companies, virtually all of them.

Stay far away from these pretenders and parasites, and before you take "grandma" to the shrink because she's "losing her marbles", check to see what drugs her doctor has been pushing... ahh, I mean prescribing, for her. It might just be that the drugs are responsible for memory loss, confusion, dulled thinking, hallucinations, and a whole lot of other very undesirable things, including death.

These days psychiatrists are making out like bandits declaring seniors incapable and helping the government to take over their assets. These can be, and often are, the very same doctors who are prescribing these meds. They'll never even consider (or admit) that a drug's side effects could be causing the mental meltdown of a person. Beware.

Information is power they say. So before anyone of any age takes any drug that a doctor prescribes (or gives you from the samples from his/her desk drawer left by drug salespeople), educate yourself. Don't buy the pap being shoved at the public by govts or by the mainstream media, do some research yourself and use your noggin.

The best source of pharmaceutical drug side effects and warnings was established by Ralph Nader in the 1990s when Big Pharma began to swamp the marketplace with a plethora of new products:

There is no better source of credible information about the risks of specific pharmaceutical drugs. This website has a gigantic database of every pharmaceutical drug. They also have an exemplary track record in calling for warnings and bans of dangerous drugs well in advance of FDA action.

They ask for a whopping $15 per year to subscribe for full services, the best investment I ever made, that dollar a month.

But even without being a subscriber, you can get a whole lot of very important, even life-saving information from Protect yourself from doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and Big Pharma. We're all at risk, in their hands.


The only people left on earth who think that drinking is still a good excuse for killing other human beings with a vehicle are called psychiatrists.

They are paid to enter courts of law and convince stupid and irresponsible judges that Mr. Drunk Killer has a sovereign right to remain at large amongst us.

How else are we to understand this latest local example of this endlessly repeated tragic and sickening scenario?

Chronic alcoholic nitwit drives his truck into a restaurant and kills two women.

Not one BUT TWO shrinks testify in court that the fool was not criminally responsible.


Cause the poor baby was suffering from alcoholic withdrawal, so he didn't really know which was was up.


He was put in custody for a short period and then released into the community.

I have said this before and I will say it again.

When this sick mother kills someone else, I want to see those two shrinks and the judge charged with criminal negligence and put in prison.

Of course, I  am delusional and that will never happen and just because I even entertain such thoughts the court can clearly see that I am not responsible for my actions.