Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have one thing to say today and it is politically incorrect.

The subject is The Olympics.

I don't care about the local food or culture or customs or whether or not someone has a sister in the hospital or grew up in a hut with wolves.

I rush home each evening to watch beautiful young men and women doing extraordinary physical and mental things.

I watch them dive and swim and run and jump and twist and contort and lift their bodies in ways that defy gravity and common sense.

And I marvel at it all.

I don't care about their nationality. It is only of passing interest to me that a competitor comes from the Ukraine or Canada or China.

I wish them all well and cheer them on.

The TV and the radio and the newspapers are filled with drivel by entire nations of so-called journalists babbling about nothing. They are all so intense and so clever and so completely beside the point.

When they can run and jump and part the waves in record times, I will be interested in them too.

It's all about The Games, Stupid.

And it's beautiful.