Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eyesore, Plain and Simple

One cannot argue with the self-evident and urgent need for aboriginal people to get a leg up wherever reasonable and possible.

And it is particularly encouraging to see native groups creating economic opportunities that are based on sound business models.

But, please.

The new electric billboard built by the Squamish Nation at the south foot of the Burrard Bridge is a bad idea badly executed.

It is big and flashy.

And it is flat ugly.

All over town local governments have actively discouraged bill boarding.

Our late good friend Larry Zelmer fought for years to maintain the billboard high atop the Lee Building at Main and Broadway.

He lost.

That sign was barely visible except to anyone but the cormorants compared to the garish glare of this new distraction amidst the trees and mountain and water views off the Burrard Bridge.

This is reverse discrimination of the most offensive kind.

Why this group and no others?

No doubt there are many great ways for the Squamish Nation to develop business opportunities that will serve everyone well.

This is not one of them.


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