Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whole Lotta Sheikhin' Goin' On

Can a war criminal or terrorist or soldier be tried in a civilian court?

Should he?

Can such person get "a fair trial?"

Can justice - whatever that may be - be served?


Can the confession of a man who has been tortured be believed or accepted.

These are big questions and they are all thrown on the table as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and friends are brought to New York City to face charges on killing more than 3,000 people in one horrible moment, now known a 9/11.

Every paper in the world has covered this story today.

The Globe and Mail's is as good as any other, I suppose.

Read it
, and tell us what you think of this.

Simple "off with his head" comments won't cut it, so to speak...

Speaking Out

British novelist, Martin Amis, has become a lightening rod in recent months cheering for feminism and jeering against radical Islam.

His interview with Margaret Wente is a tiny gem.

One quick great quote:

" We have also infantilized ourselves with a whole generation of relativism."

Half an hour of driving your car in the city can pretty well confirm that observation.


According to a new item in this morning's Globe, Canadians are setting new records.

At using and abusing pain killers and other prescription drugs.

Half a million doses a day.


And just to complicate matters, the geniuses who respond to these problems are sending such addicts to...wait for it...yes, methadone clinics.

So they can get even more addicted.


The culprits in this epidemic are Big Pharma and your local family doctor.

The drug companies are no different than GM, only way more ruthless.

And your local MD is a lazy, thoughtless ass, who is constrained by system payments to give you exactly six and a half minutes per visit.


You must be your first and own best advisor.

Doctors will be of enormous help...if first, you are responsible and intelligent about your own care.

Om & The Bottom Line

Do you believe everything?

An article in the morning press is titled "Raising Spirituality in the Workplace."

You think that's funny?

The leaders in this movement are Telus and the Bank of Montreal.


I have a rabbi friend who teaches a regular class in "Business Ethics."

Every time he mentions this, I say, "Rabbi, please. With all due respect, stop pulling my chain."

Local Motion

The Save Local TV campaign by Canada's major broadcasters is, of course, a farce of the cheapest order.

The broadcasters and the cable and satellite companies will lock horns this coming week in Gatineau, Quebec in front of that most discerning of audiences, the CRTC.

Lord help us.

Three such august groups.

In the late 70's, I worked at CBC Vancouver for a brief year.

I was a story editor on the supper hour newscast, known as Hourglass. I wrote and performed comedy sketches for several TV shows, I read the news and hosted a Saturday and Sunday morning music show on radio. And sometimes I scrubbed down the hallway.

In those days, that concrete bunker on Hamilton and Georgia was the equivalent of a small MGM, studio after studio producing local and national product of every kind. The costume and make-up rooms were huge and always busy.

How can CTV, Global or CBC lay any claim today to "local TV?"

This is and will be entirely a fight for free taxpayer dollars from an industry that has outlived its own business model.

Move on.


Continuing a Theme