Friday, February 1, 2008

Anton is Kimmie's Mother - The SHOP MORE Solution


Madame CapriPants is one thing but, by this one, you have to wonder if some of these people are in need of some serious counselling. Can you believe Anton would say such a thing? How in heck do they get themselves elected?


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 12:42:44 -0800From: Obsessions Subject: Coun. Anton says" shop your financial woes away"To: cmontgomery@png.canwest.comCC:,
I felt sick to my stomach when I read Suzanne Anton's suggestions in the Province Wednesday, January 30, 2008 that "people should have simply shopped more" to save the plight of the merchants affected by the Canada Line construction. It must be 'just heavenly' living in those fluffy clouds, as this Councillor surely does!

You clearly have NO IDEA what struggles we have had to contend with - and continue to contend with long after closing our defenceless businesses due to Canada Line construction. Get your head out of your ass and give us 'self-employed risk-takers' and 'employers of Vancouver workers a break'! THINK about your idealistic and hurtful comments before you make them and save yourself your embarrassment and shame.

From a business owner who was 'forced' to close his Davie Street business because of the Canada Line construction: All of the merchants who have suffered under this project have been betrayed by this Government, and the unbelievable lack of social responsibility this project has shown is a disgrace to the City, Government and all Provincial leaders who have done nothing to help. Compensation now!

Alex Barker
Co-owner & Director


will be published in the paper on Sunday...go explain...

Massaging and Messaging Science- The New Canadian Sport

Note to your right our in-house Blog Credo: All Official Stories are Lies.

Note this morning's mildly terrifying fronte pager in the Sun : "Muzzle Placed on Federal Scientists."

Environment Canada - no doubt as efficient and helpful as Canada POst, Canada Revenue, Canada Geese and the CBC - has told all and sundry that they must never talk to the press. First call us, then we'll get the reporters to submit their questions in writing, then we'll collect your thoughts, then we'll put them through the washing machine, then we might say something in public.


A local climatologist says, "The concept of free speech is non-existent at Environment Canada. They are manufacturing the message of science."

Think about this.

What does an Ottawa PR flack know about science of any kind in any detail?

What does a politician?

This is truly sick.

The Prime Minister need cut this off at the pass as soon as possible.

He won't, but he ought to.

Alex Tsakumis on Sam in Today's 24 Hours


By Alex G. Tsakumis ‘Rebel With A Clause’

The year continues to promise more of the re-telling of Mayor Sam Sullivan’s wretched tenure as Mayor. Revisionist history will be about the only path for his return and nonsense will abound as it did with last week’s State of the City fiction. So, step right up, the Sullivan re-election caravan, resplendent with crates of maximum strength snake oil, rolls through the City, in the brazen hope that you will be drawn into the mystic for a bottle, or thirty. After His Worship’s gypsy-warriors dispatched venomous story tellers to the shadows, maligning a Carole Taylor run that ended her great think, they are now driving said caravan at a fevered gallop, screaming limitless purpose in a city that has been marred by his non-existent leadership. All’s well, they’ll claim, in the remaking of the now long evaporated Slammin’ Sammy. Of course, you might believe them, too, were it not for the shamelessly transparent makeover plan oozing out from under their very own door. Out of this January’s media chute, we were met with the item that His Worship does, apparently, have a heart and is now engaged to his long-time sweetie, florist Lynn Zanatta. It raised the interest of the local chattering classes, considering it being an election year, and, most remarkably, that it was prominently plastered across the front page of the once venerable Vancouver Sun. Sir Spam’s betrothment was trumpeted before all local scribes, expertly, by the Mayor’s press secretary ‘Super Dave’ Hurlforth, whose typically exhausted, but perpetually rancorous PR machine was, as per usual, blowing, er, I meant, billowing smoke. Funny that, not a sniff about any new policies yet, the previous set, of course, sitting firmly in the dust-bin, having miserably failed. If His Worship’s poll numbers continue to circumnavigate the nearest toilet rim, look for a wedding by Election Day—with all the privacy of a Pamela Anderson swimsuit. Thus, it will be, until this fall’s municipal election, one grand silly season, on extended play, where Sam Sullivan will seek to have the grime scrubbed off his self-soiled soapbox, thereby providing his handlers one last attempt to coax you away from your disgust at the nothingness the Mayor and his tutors have delivered. The neuron flagellation, I’m told, will reach new heights with a “movie”, that will extol the “greatness” of His Touchiness since becoming Chief Operating Jester just over two years ago. Presumably, this will be the longest political commercial known to man, where we will have re-explained: secret, unaccountable campaign funds; personal copyrights of “city” initiatives, fringe drug treatment fantasies; and, densification carousels. There too, the paradoxical PR hammer of a kinder, gentler Sam will emerge, courtesy of his endless minions, whose incompetence has all but guaranteed, at least, a majority council for Vision Vancouver (without the mindlessly garrulous COPE obliviots). Among the leading choices for a movie title, you ask? “Hero”. And, no, I kid you not. One former Sullivan insider, since banished for the crime of level-headedness, begged me to stop repeating the possible title for fear of a coronary spurred on by riotous, eventually breathless, laughter. Never to be forgotten, Mr. Sullivan’s local Conservative cabal, having manipulated the NPA Board, and the mostly fools there seated, into an embarrassing hybrid of incumbency protection that will ensure the return of stellar talents like Clrs. Kimbo Capripants and Elizabethan Ball, is hard at work, also. The tainted Tory troop is in the midst of, please remain seated, pressuring the powers that be in Ottawa, to have a Sullivan postage stamp issued—just in time for the election. Would you lick that? Didn’t think so. A. G. Tsakumis is our bi-monthly editorial writer.

Sam Needs His Sushy-Bye-Byes

Think about this story next time you're walking away from your favourite Yaletown eatery or night spot. Worse yet, think about any of your kids crossing some intersection or street after a few sirens so the Mayor can get some sleep. Splat. The man has no shame.

Vancouver firefighters refuse to mute their sirens late at night

The Vancouver Province Fri 01 Feb 2008 Page: A14 Section: News Byline: Cheryl Chan Source: The Province

Mayor Sam Sullivan is in for a few more noisy nights.

Fed up with being awakened by sirens in his Yaletown apartment, he said he asked Premier Gordon Campbell last year to amend the Motor Vehicle Act to give emergency vehicles the discretion to turn off their sirens at night. The amendment was passed, but the Vancouver Fire Department said yesterday the sirens will stay on.

Fire department spokesman Capt. Rob Jones-Cook said the legislation won't affect how firefighters respond to emergency calls. "We are going to continue the way we have," he said. "We need traffic to know we're there. As soon as we come out of the firehall, we're going to come on with lights and sirens." He said it takes fire trucks three to five minutes to get to the scene. "We need the fire sirens to do that," he said. "The longer it takes us to get to the scene, the bigger the fire is going to get." Said Rod MacDonald, president of the Vancouver Fire Fighters Union: "If we get it wrong and we get into an accident or strike a pedestrian, I know who's going to be blamed for it and it won't be the mayor." The amendment gives emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulances and fire trucks discretion to turn off their sirens late at night in high-density areas and if they are within the speed limit. It came into effect last spring.

Sullivan told CKNW the no-sirens rule is suitable for downtown. "Four o'clock in the morning in the middle of downtown and nobody is on the street and it's green lights all the way . . . there's no need to have a siren on," he said.

Or he could move...or he could shut-up...or he could wear earplugs...or...

I Sustainable, You Sustainable, All God's Chillun Stainable

I received an email this morning from SCORE.

You don't know SCORE?

Good. Neither do I.

SCORE = Safer Crack Use, Outreach, Research and Education.

Were they smokin' when they came up with this cute moniker?

Well...the email was to invite me to a forum.

Here's what will be discussed at the forum: "ideas for sustainability of the safer crack kits."

Sustainability of ???

Next, we'll be getting invitations from hooker groups to discuss the sustainability of sexual organs that have been sold for dimes.

Some days you can just barely believe the world in which you live.

I say come to my conference. It's run by SLOB - Sustainability Lobby of Bank Robbers.

Bettye Lavette - Little Sparrow-Live

Just WOW!!!