Friday, February 9, 2007


Was it 2 or 3 years ago that I first met Dr. Manon Bolliger?

I had walked into her Fourth Avenue offices crying. Sciatic pain, brought on by overly vigorous tennis playing, had kept me from sleep for 3 nights, and the pain, which usually visited most intensely in the wee, small hours, had now lodged permanently through my bum, hip, right leg, knee and foot.

A friend had recommended Dr. Bolliger and her mysterious "Bowen Technique," and I was obviously ready for anything - blood-letting, leeches, voodoo dolls, conga lines.

The first thing to say about the good Doctor is that she is beautiful. It's not just that she is so easy on the eye - which she is - but that she radiates some kind of healthy, positive glow. In a lifetime filled with parades of human beings of every stripe, I have been fortunate to meet a handful of people about whom it can be truly said, "He/she has an aura." Well, Dr. B. has an aura and it's sunlight.

The treatment couldn't have been more simple. Lie on a table, have a few muscles moved about. Not manipulations like a chiropractor, vigorous, sometimes difficult or painful. But quiet, non-invasive, subtle touching. A kind of laying on of hands.

I didn't notice any immediate change. I slept not much better that night.

But the next morning, I was in the kitchen, when I suddenly turned around in shock, as I realized the pain was gone. THE PAIN IS GONE! THE PAIN IS GONE!

I've been back to Dr. Bolliger's practice half a dozen times since that first visit. Each occasion is the same. I walk in hurting, she does her magic, I go home, the next day THE PAIN IS GONE!

This is a bald-faced testimonial. Try it; you'll like it.

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