Friday, January 9, 2009

This Comment Deserves Posting All of its Own

Not about snow removal but a true story about Vancouver's Engineering Dept.

Some years ago, my (commercial) landlord had a problem, the sewer was backing up in the newly rented store the new tenant, who was a florist.

The stores were located near Richards & Hastings St's. in the downtown core.

The local 'Mr. Rooter' came and rooted and for his troubles got nothing but gravel. He told my landlord; "The sewer line is not connected to the main sewer line and that the past tenant's 'waste' just leached into the gravel under the lane way."

When my landlord phoned city hall and complained, the head of the 'sewer dept.' came out and looked over the situation. His reply was "no-way that happened and the fault was in the building."

The florist soon left has he could not practice his trade because the sewer did not work and the store remained vacant for months.

Again my landlord contacted the 'Engineering Dept.' and complained and again they said "Not their fault."

In desperation he got his lawyer to contact city hall and the City Engineer came to view the problem. "Not our fault" was all he said. Later my landlord struck a deal with the city's Engineering Dept. - they would dig up the alley to check the connection and would pay if it was the city's fault, if not, my landlord must pay th full shot.

Well two days prior to the excavation, a massive digger was dropped, two large construction huts were left. On the day of the excavation there were no less than 15 engineering types around, not including flaggers who made sure Richards St. was closed and BC Hydro types, who were hired - 'just in case.'.

Estimated cost so far - $40,000

But wait, the massive digger finally uncovered the problem - the last time the city worked on the sewer, they failed to reconnect the line to store.

Their excuse - well it wasn't supposed to be connected to that sewer line at all, even though it was before!!

No dice said my landlord and a deal is a deal. Within 60 minutes, diggers, construction huts, engineering types, Hydro linemen, flaggers all disappeared and three men and a backhoe came and fixed the problem.

What does this have to do about snow removal? Simple, the city's Engineering Dept. can't be trusted to do a simple job cheaply and will screw the taxpayer for every dime he/she has!

Can Mayor Greg change City Hall's mind-set? I doubt it.

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