Friday, February 2, 2007


Hey mensch:I'm on a Mac and it won't let me return emails to your GREAT!!! blog. Thank you Steve Jobs. Steve, get over your pissy-fit with Bill Gates.My thoughts of the day.I feel like I'm in a turkey barn.Global warming. Global Terrorism. Global economies. Global, global, global. Gobble, gobble, gobble. Catch the hair-sprayed turkey doing his/her gobble on the 6 o'clock news.Health care?We used to shoot the messenger. In BC, we just fire the messenger.Drugs?This morning, I was listening to Bill Goo. He suggested turning empty schools into detox centres. He knows the science, right?Tow Trucks?Yeah, I'm pissed off about the 85 year old lady who passed out in her old Toyota and sat in her freezing car for 21 hours in a tow lot. First her car was ticketed by a bylaw officer. He didn't look in the frosted windows. Then he called the tow truck driver. He didn't look in the frosted windows.Then the VPD media-slut cop came on the air and said it was a "routine ticket and tow". And the feckless News Director of CKNW agreed with him.Sorry, this is not fucking routine. An old lady is dying. Her last hours were spent in a freezing car because Vancouver parking officers needed to make their quota and a tow truck driver, paid by the tow, dragged her car away without looking into it. If my dog died like that, I would feel that my country had let me down. Imagine if it were your Mum.The shortest chapter in the New Testament has 2 words. "Jesus wept".Hey! He was a Jew. So He knew, although He was eloquent, sometimes there was nothing to say .OK, I still use the capital H. I'm getting older and I don't have good health. So I'm doing what I know best. Covering my bets. Call me a Holy Hedge Fund investor.cheersvictor


Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert eat your ironic little hearts out! You or anyone else cannot write satire this good.