Saturday, December 1, 2007

Taser Murder - Chapter 5

Examine the headline:



I didn't know they even considered for a nano-second CPR.

So now we learn that when the paramedics arrived and quickly determined (Have you ever had cause to call on paramedics? I have. Twice. They are the most amazing, efficient,competent and caring people I have ever met! If you or someone near you ever has am emergent health issue, do NOT drive or call a 911 and call it right smart.) that Robert Dziekanski had no breath and no pulse.

The paramedics asked the cop/thugs to take off the handcuffs. At first they refused.

Why are these disgraces still in uniform?

Fail My Kid??? Oh no you don't...

What has Education Minister Shirley Bond been smoking?

Someone check her meds quick. Maybe it's too much chalk dust.

Bond has had the temerity to ask BC teachers to consider not actually passing some illiterate kid onto the next grade if he or she can't read.


Failing someone! Shocking. How wounding to the little dear's self esteem.

Only yesterday at work we were having this exact conversation. I was recalling that in high school I was in something called "the A class." Others, with less academic achievement were in the B class and C class and D class. How wounding, how permanently damaging.

Of course, you could always work a little harder and aspire to join the A class.

Oh...but then, you would have to write and pass tests, just like in the real world.

But the BCTF won't let you write and pass tests. You might feel bad about something.

Minister Bond is clearly out of step with the times.

And for that, in this rare instance, we can be mildly thankful.

Numbering Our Ills, Part I

Whether you believe in the current numbers being offered about child poverty in BC or not, there is is no qeustion that we are failing far too many in our province today.

There is also no question about where the buck stops.

Daphne Bramham's excellent editorial in today's Sun brings clear focus to the issue.

The piece also brought some new information and small enlightenment. I was not aware until this morning of what has been called "Jordan's Principle."

"Jordan's Principle is named for a first nations child with multiple medical needs who died while federal and provincial agencies debated over who should pay for his care. Jordan's Principle, which is advocated by more than 600 service agencies across the country, puts the onus on the government of first contact to provide help without delay."

This principle is, of course, observed more often in its avoidance than its fulfillment.

When the Premier returns from his latest Asia carpetbagging, perhaps someone might ask him to attend to the needs of local children.

Numbering Our Ills, Part II

It's all a numbers game.


First, there is the argument, raging in some circles, about whether the number of people with HIV/AIDS is 33 Million or 40 Million.

No doubt that will be important to the 7 Million human beings who may be unaccounted for.

But for the rest of us, this disaster remains an overwhelming shame and heartache.

Ignorance and selfishness hold the day.

In thousands of African villages, women have a "Sophie's Choice." Either take a beating or take a rape from an undoubtedly infected man.

Like the snail and the border collie, we are programmed to reproduce. Unlike invertebrates and others, we do have the power to reason and on occasion we actually employ this gift. Unfortunately, the occasions are not nearly frequent enough.

We also have the capability to provide antiretroviral drugs at affordable costs. Unfortunately, we are a greedy lot and we often lack the willingness to perform this small act of charity.

The problem is this - providing such medicines is NOT an act of charity. It is an act of necessity, not just for the women and men and children infected and at risk, but for all of us who dare to call ourselves human.

Write Your Own Dark Comedy

The BC Government is hiring more Child Protection Workers.

How do I know?

I saw their ad this morning in the Sun on page H4.

It's under the banner "Britsh Columbia/ BC Public Service: WHERE IDEAS WORK."


Wait...I forgot.

The provincial logo tells me: "British Columbia: The Best Place on Earth."


West Side Story - America

Rita Moreno, who almost committed suicide when Brando threw her aside, has won an Oscar (for this role as Anita in West Side Story), an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony. What an amazing performer.

Bing Crosby

Written by a Russian Jew from poorest neighbourhoods of New York City while playing amongst the palm trees of Los Angeles, this Irving Berlin classic plays havoc with the adage, "Write what you know." Ha!