Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Elect Barack Obama

Joyous. Moving. Transformational.

President Elect Barack Obama's speech last night in Grant Park in Chicago was wonderful.

Earlier, we had the privilege of watching John McCain's most gracious and personal and manly concession speech.

Obama now has an enormously high hill to climb. There is so much to be done to right a ship that is practically aground.

If he does even half of what he has pledged, it will be amazing.

We can only wish him all the good fortune and more that life can bring.

Criminal Justice 1

Refusing to testify is either a law or a new fad in Canada.

Two local and important cases illustrate the point, and the frustration of those citizens watching from the sidelines.

The B.C. Supreme Court has upheld an arbitrator's decision allowing two BC Ferries employees to be suspended without pay for not testifying before an inquiry into the sinking of the Queen of the North ferry.

Their reasons for not answering questions are spurious and self-serving. People died because of someone's negligence, most likely their own. Let us find out, please.

In the shameful case of the taser death of Robert Dziekanski at YVR last year, the judge has now been forced to threaten the RCMP with subpoenas. How ironic and disgusting is that?

The second part of Thomas Braidwood's inquiry -- into the events surrounding the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport -- has twice been delayed because RCMP officers won't testify before they know whether they face any charges in the incident.

A Crown decision on charges has not been made because the RCMP has not provided information requested by prosecutors.

Since when do people get to bargain with the judge about the "pre-conditions" of testimony?

This reads like an old vaudeville routine with Runyanesque criminals refusin' "to testify on da grounds dat it maybe could implicate me, or sumptin' like dat."

And this comes from the RCMP. How happy would they be to see some scofflaw pulling the same nonsense?

The RCMP is quickly embarrassing itself out of a legitimate role in this country.

Criminal Justice 2

The crime is the inclusion of the bogus pseudo-sciences of psychiatry and psychology in our court rooms.

In a local case, man accused of second-degree murder, admits that he stabbed his best friend many times.

In spite of clear evidence that the accused cleaned up himself and the crime scene and behaved like so many guilty people, the shrinks have been brought in by the defense.

They may have convinced the jury that the poor guy - the killer - was really "on autopilot" in a "dissociative state."

I pray that some day soon the alphabet soup people (Ph.D.'s and their brethren) will be placed in a dissociative state. Like Alaska, for example.

These alleged experts are the worst kind of whores.

They peddle their store-bought, regurgitated wisdom as the fountain of truth to the highest bidder, with utter disregard for the consequences.