Thursday, February 17, 2011


In- Credible

Solicitor-General Rich Coleman made two statements in the house yesterday that have no credibility. They are simply not believable.

1. He said that "the accused confirmed that they acted alone and were solely responsible for their criminal acts."

If like Basi and Virk, your silence had been bought for $6 Million in public funds, you'd say that too.

2. He said "The decision on the fate of the legal fees reimbursed by the government was made by the deputy minister of finance supported by the deputy attorney general who issued a public statement setting out the circumstances. These two senior public servants acted on their own authority without any political direction, influence or approval."

In a government so tightly orchestrated from the top down, one cannot swallow the fairy tale that two deputy ministers made on their own such an enormous decision to spend public funds.

For a much better understanding of this sham, watch the interview with Bill Tieleman: and

I am not for a moment suggesting that Mr. Coleman is deliberately saying untruths in the Legislature.

It is quite possible that, having been in government for the past many years, Mr. C. has come to believe whatever shovelful of nonsense the party in power is peddling this week.


Peter Ladner, architect Bing Thom and former Crown prosecutor Sandra Garossino have all said in an op-ed piece in this morning's Sun that "It's the wrong project for Vancouver, promoted by the wrong people for the wrong reason."

They are right.

See the Geoff Plant interview on video below.