Saturday, March 7, 2009

MORE on the YVR MURDER by a Commentor

NRF writes:

NRF has left a new comment on your post "YVR KILLING -Waldo to the rescue?":

Martino wrote, "The RCMP is not above the law of the land..."

Well, sir, I am afraid that it is and the Dzienkanski case is illustrative. The standard cover-up strategy failed because,early on, BC Coroner's Service stated publicly that Pritchard's video could be returned to its owner. In the RCMP's disappointed words, that removed their only legal justification for keeping the original video tape. As recently demonstrated in North Vancouver, Houston and Prince George, the RCMP prefers that videos of members' actions be unavailable.

Evasion of the force's moral responsibility in this case fails only because the video tape is here for all to see. In the past, officialdom has been compliant, even helpful, to such evasion. Examine Stan Lowe's statements when he disclosed that the Crown would not lay charges in the swarming. That Crown decision was defective, made without expectation of intense scrutiny to follow. (Unhappily, their spokesman is the new BC Police Complaint's Commissioner.) Here is the Polish Embassy's reaction: “Reading the [Crown's] statement, it appears that the main reason for Mr. Dziekanski's death was his fear of flying, tiredness and lack of ability to communicate in English. Particularly disconcerting, though factually baseless, are repeated insinuations of alcohol abuse..."

Only the naive imagined that police testimony was always unimpeachable but few citizens suspected that the entire agency, including its management hierarchy, would work together to spin a self-serving story as in this case.

The RCMP fails the ethical tests put to it in recent times. Corruption and political interference are unacceptable elements of Canadian justice. Rot at the top of the RCMP has been apparent for some time. Shuffling the deck chairs is insufficient. They should be removed as a local policing agency in this region and replaced by a provincial police agency that is not managed by authorities who live 3,500 kilometers away.

YVR KILLING -Waldo to the rescue?

"Recent allegations of fraudulent statements and a planned cover-up are leading to loud calls for a new look at the December decision by the B.C. Crown counsel's office to clear the four RCMP officers involved in the tragic encounter with Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski."

Thus begins Gary Mason's latest on the YVR killing.

Several commenters have kvetched about my use of the word 'murder,''in this regard.

Murder may be a legal word with clear delineations about intentions, but it is also a good old-fashioned English word for what often happens when two or more people collide and one or more end up dead.

This is exactly such a case.

Others have kvetched that I have called the police liars in this story.

But read all the evidence and all the reporting and you must only conclude that sworn evidence given IS FALSE.

Here is Mason's column in its entirety.

Every reporter covering this story has told us the same basics. The RCMP said that certain things happened. As a result the Crown declined to press charges.

But those things the RCMP said happened, DID NOT HAPPEN.

What's the problem kvetchers?

Be concerned less with fighting with me than with police investigating themselves and what that means for the kind of community in which you live.

Now, the truly scary part of this entire disgusting incident IN WHICH AN UTTERLY INNOCENT MAN WAS KILLED BY PEOPLE WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN HELPING HIM is that the possibility of bringing charges against these disgraces lies completely in the hands of that great arbiter of justice, Wally Opaque.

Lord, spare us.


In a world of bullshit and political correctness, how refreshing it is to find one honest public servant.

There's a gang war and it's brutal, chief admits

That would be your Jim Chu.


Mark Leiren-Young is the brilliant writer who blessed me many years ago by asking me to perform his monologue, "Shylock."

That was a life-changing experience for me and I am for ever in his debt, and in the debt of the director, the late John Juliani, and the producer, Donna Wong-Juliani.

Now, Mark has done it again.

His new and first film as a writer-director opens this weekend at the Fifth Avenue here in Vancouver.

The movie is called "The Green Chain" and it is an examination of one of our most central problems here in B.C. - the future of forests and the lumber industry.

For video, tickets, background and more, go NOW to this site.

Then go straight to the Fifth Avenue and support your local - and always talented and engaging - filmmaker.

Victor on his Continuing Love Affair with Obama, The Second Coming of the Messiah

In the 14th century, when one third of Europe's population died of the
plague, the treatment of choice involved bringing the sick into
cathedrals where the monks would bleed them and preach soaring
sermons. It had no effect other than to make matters worse by
bleeding sick people.

Since Obama was elected, the stock market has lost 20 per cent of its
value. Soaring speeches have had no effect and bleeding taxpayers will
make a sick economy worse.

No speech, no matter how eloquent, will do anything to change
America's systemic problems including: unproductive workers producing
unreliable products, financial scammers at the highest level, a huge
and growing entitlement class and an economy based on mindless

The Community Organizer in Chief and the monks have much in common.