Monday, August 11, 2008

Campus of Care

There is a small story in this morning's Province that speaks volumes about so-called nursing homes or senior citizen's homes.

A man dies and days later the staff call his family to ask what they should do with his bicycle. No one had called to say he was in hospital for two weeks.

The staff and the hospital are pointing fingers at each other saying it was the other guy's responsibility to behave like a caring human being with common sense.

Read the story and then multiply by about 100,000.

In my experience, too many of these institutions have a culture that is lacking in common sense or common decency.

As soon as you hear the staff telling you how much they care about their residents, book a flight for Tierra del Fuego.

The War Under Cover of the Circus

In Georgia today, people are asking, "Where is the Untied States? Where is NATO?"

Well, we know where Bush and Putin are. They're at the games in Beijing.

A war has been declared and people are being killed and not many people seem to be noticing.

Here is one NY Times report, if you can drag yourself away from archery or beach volleyball.

And here is another.