Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SCI-FI Review

Robin Shantz is a good friend who, among other things, reads and reviews all things sci-fi.

Check out his take on a new work with the delectable title, "The Yiddish Policeman's Union."

Note that I have also added Robin's blog to my lnks list in the right hand column.

Tell me Another One

Why do I have trouble buying into Premier Campbell's regular announcements of more homes for the homeless?

So Covenant House will get several million dollars and 32 new beds.


I have the same credibility problem with Covenant House as I do with the premier.

I do know that from the get-go Covenant House has been masterfully marketed.

I do know that most of the "new" housing units are old hotel rooms.

I do not see the federal government and the provincial government joining hands to create entirely whole new living spaces.

I do see offensive foto ops.

Italy Gets it Wrong Again

I remember that cold winter day in Edmonton in 1975 when Horror-luck was re-elected mayor. He was a convicted crook. But Edmontonians loved him, I guess. They named parks after him.

I remember I could barley summon the will to get out of bed.

Now, history repeats itself on a grander, more operatic scale.

Berlusconi, a crook and a scoundrel of ever there was one, has been re-elected prime minister of Italy for the third time.

Whatever are they thinking over there?

Read the tragic story here, and weep for a beautiful country lost in the haze.

Early Morning

There was Early Warning (yesterday), and now there's early morning.

I have to leave the house very early this morning, so I won't get to post the usual madness until mid-day.

If you're a morning Tube watcher, I'm on Breakfast TV on City at about 8:15.