Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We'll do anything to Prevent Mob Violence. We'll kill to prevent mob violence.

The Olympics are a legitimate activity.

And so are public protests against them or almost anything else.

One letter writer in today's Sun noted the irony how the Olympic flame must be aggressively protected from any expressions of free speech.

The Sun's editorial declaring that the "political sideshow can't douse the Olympic spirit," smacks of naive and simplistic boosterism.


When will anyone take the police seriously?

When will judges take the police seriously?

It is most discouraging to learn that the man who has most probably murdered his children in Merritt was in custody the other day and, against the recommendations of the police, the judge ordered him released.

Within hours, the man's children were dead.

Will that judge retire? Will he be filled with remorse, sadness, shame, sickness?

No one can prevent lunacy when it is determined to emerge.

But from time to time, sensible people can PAY ATTENTION.

You've seen Chilliwack. Now try, Say, Richmond

"CHILLIWACK - His chief administrative officer at city hall became the president of his riding association.
He had real estate dealings with a former council colleague.
Another councillor's wife acted as his agent in a controversial land deal."

So reads the first three paragraphs of the Sun's first-rate coverage of the John Les melodrama.

For the full story, click here.

But then ask yourself this:

Fine, this is a little fable about Chilliwack.

Now, what about the bedtime stories that await - uncovered as yet - in Richmond or Nanaimo, for example?

I've been following the Richmond thread for about five years now, and the most amazing part of that little pocket of intrigue is that nobody can prove anything and nobody has been indicted for anything. I do know that certain officials laugh heartily at what they are getting away with on a daily basis.

Any community - like Richmond or Nanaimo, for example (Did mention Richmond?) - that experiences sudden exponential growth is ripe with opportunity for financial and political fun and games for personal gain.

Why would, say Richmond, just to pull one example out of the air, be exempt from this age old law of human misbehaviour?

Chilliwack, John Les...a hundred grand here or there...sure...but this is cow plop compared to the possibilities in a place like, say, Richmond...

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

Dylan was just awarded the Pulitzer Prize.