Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Bailout

The bailout.

One Trillion Dollars.



Nice cocktail.

The illusion of American Capitalism and it's revulsion with the very word "socialism" is exposed.

Necessary? The world markets might collapse.

Hideous? You and I won't get bailed out of our puny mistakes in judgement.

You tell me. This is a huge subject requiring days of discussion and enquiry.

Good luck to us all.

Leadership & Hospitality - BC's Finest

The news that a museum in sunny downtown enlightened Prince Rupert has barred an American visitor and his motorized wheelchair is way beyond appalling.

The museum has its excuses and reasons and they are all shoddy beyond understanding.

Please tell me these ghouls will be fired.

Please let us citizens of BC fly this fellow back and give him a personal tour of the museum and fotos of the previous administration in jail or living on the streets.

What were they thinking?

I have been looking in vain for over a week now for lawn signs advising me of whom my NDP candidate might be.

They must have all gone up in smoke.

Turns out he's the second pothead the party has had to ditch.

Nice. Thorough. Thoughtful.

This is the best we can do?

All the Honorable Gentlemen

"You have feces and urine and blood on walls, you have garbage that piles up, you have mattresses, people are living there," said Greater Victoria board of education trustee Peg Orcherton.She said discarded needles at Victoria high school are also a big concern. Orcherton said the problem has existed since she was first elected six years ago, but was never as bad as it is now."

Story about Victoria schools in this morning's Sun.

The raging success of Harm Seduction continues at a steady pace.