Thursday, January 3, 2008

Canadian Death Rate in Afghanistan is Huge

Our death rate among Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan is considerably higher than the Americans and the British and higher than most years of WWII.

Our soldiers are operating in the most dangerous zones.

And we are, as usual, badly equipped.

There is nothing - nothing - honorable about this mission.

Canadian young men and women are dying to support a drug economy. This assignment is as useless as Bush's pathetic presence in Iraq.

I don't care how many times Stephen Harper tells us that we are doing the right thing. He is wrong. Dead wrong.

Saying, "I support the troops," is very different from saying, "I support the mission."

Of course, we champion the foot soldier.

But the generals and the politicos who run them are completely mistaken in this case.

Get out.

We're in Good Hands

There were 8 armed robberies in Vancouver this past weekend - most with a knife.

So much for Citizen Sam's civil city.

Nice work.

ICBC Gets Tough

It's a rare moment when I approve of a government ad.

But this morning's 3/4 page messgae from ICBC gets my highest rating.

Bad driving habits will cost you more - a lot more.

Couldn't happen soon enough.


Pakistan, the Beautiful

"Political instability, Islamic insurgency, demoralized army and intensely ant-American population..." Now there's a reipe for disaster.

We're talking Pakistan.

Add to that "witch's brew" nuclear weapons - 60 warheads at last count, and a history of selling nuclear know-how to North Korea, Libya and Iran (The Three Big Crazies), and you have one scary scenario.

If you've had your Postum and you feel up to it, read the entire nightmare here.

Republican Slate the Usual Disaster

Every four years, you wonder how the Republican Party manages to do it again.

How do they come up with the worst slate of crooks, dunderheads, fakes, charlatans and country bumpkins imaginable to run for the presidency?

Well, congrats. They've done it again.

How could any reasonable and informed person be expected to pick from this list: Huckabee, McCain, Giuliani, Thompson, Romney, Hunter, and Paul?

And by the way...each of these honorable men loves God more than you do. And each of them knows exactly what God wants for the world at this precise moment.

The Shame of Moses

So the Snowboard Idiot has a name.

Ben Moses. Ouch!

His dad and mom say he's always been adventurous. Cute.

How about an irresponsible putz who should be criminally charged and sent a big, big search and rescue bill?

How about banned for life from ever coming near a hill again.

Go play in traffic, please...