Friday, September 5, 2008

Fairy tales Can Come True...

The Sun editorial this morning urges our schools to "instill hope in out children."

Hard to argue with that.

But hope is hard to come by without the commitment of real resources.

Where is the money for school libraries and library staff? Where are the physical education teachers who will supervise the 30 minutes a day of exercise now mandated by the province?

Where are the music classes?

Where are the books and school supplies that cash-strapped parents don't have to pay for?

Yellow brick roads are so much smoother when they have little ATMs along the way.

White Elephant

$65 Million to update BC Place stadium.

And will that be shown on the Olympic books?

Keep 'em Coming

The Harper government has sent me another flyer about crime.

This one shows some middle-class actor boy pretending to be a beer-guzzling scofflaw.

The message is that the government supports jail sentences for serious offences.

OK by me.