Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We are Not Alone

It was only yesterday that I dared ask why the Premier is so comfortable chatting about political operatives working for him calling talk shows and pretending to be who they are not.

It was encouraging to see Vaughn Palmer asking the very same question in this morning's Sun, not to mention the entire NDP caucus asking the same question in the house yesterday.

The Premier's response is transparently below the required.

Starlight, Starbright...

How exciting to learn that we have a distant sister planet. Just turn left of this solar system, follow the known galaxy River Road, go past Ed's Eats, and there you be.

Even more rewarding to run into Mayor Sullivan's advance man on the new star, Ken Dobell, who has been awarded an additional $500,000,000 contract to develop poor people's housing in the red dust.

Now, when we look up at the heavenly skies at night, just before our last scotch and toke before beddie-byes, we can be comforted in the assurance that we are truly being taken care of by those who truly know how to take care.
So...take care.

Corinne Bailey Rae -- Like a Star

She was on Letterman last night and I just couldn't stay up that late...but, now we can see what all the rave is about.