Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mike de Jong's Email Address


The Globe and mail reported today that BC Aboriginal Relations Minister Mike de Jong is considering renaming the Strait of Georgia. The name?
"The Salish Sea."

This is the most egregious and disgusting case of political correctness and Tokenism I think I have ever witnessed.

Natives need no more empty gestures.

They don't even need more money.

They need pride of self, determination, and focus, and they and they alone can grant themselves these necessities.

Talk to Gail Sparrow or Gloria Webster or any other aboriginal person who has made an exemplary life for herself or himself and her or his family.

All the handouts and all the cheap tokens will not do the trick.

Gail says go down to the DES and haul back your drunk brothers and sisters and care for them and lead them to sobriety.

Gloria says go to school, get a University degree, compete, succeed. She did.

I am sickened by this idiotic suggestion.

I am despairing that anyone would give this a moment's thought.

If de Jong had any sense, he would have told the native leader who made this suggestion, "You don't need new and empty names, Sir. You need dignity. That only comes from work."

Email the minister and tell him to respect people and stop playing with them.

Ring Creep is No Surprise

Oh, look.

The cretinous piece of shit that stole the old lady's rings at her hospital bed is a middle-aged career thief and addict.

Oh, look at our surprise.

May I say the outrageous?

If we had bothered to fund the reality-based hard-nosed tough love treatment that turns guys like this around, we could have...turned this guy around.

But, hey, we've got monuments to build.

Shame on us for leading this fool to this lady's side.

Who Dat?

When I wrote in this space yesterday that BC PLace is the Ugliest Thing in the World and should be Torn Down at Once, I didn't realize that the Minister (Ir)Responsible for this eyesore and bottomless sucking pit of taxpayers' money is none other than Stan Hagen.

Mr. Hagen is a charming delightful fellow. He reminds one of Red Skelton. A big cheery laugh.

Unfortunately, this career politician has never done anything to earn his pay. He has been shuttled from one portfolio to another by Gordon Campbell with identical results. The methodology seems to be Keep This Guy Out Of Harm's Way; May He Inflict the Least Damage.

He is also (ir)responsible for the runaway costs of the Trade and Convention Centre expansion. Make that Expan$$$$$$ion.

Good luck to Stan and his Place.

Roger Federer has Been Ill

A fascinating article in this morning's NY Times of Federer's recent troubles. Turns out he may have had mono.

All of that may be the case.

But he should still get a coach.

Only because we all need a pair of eyes other than our own to check our performance.

NOTE: Free Needle Exchanges have NOT - repeat, NOT - reduced the spread of HIV


You can't even finish breakfast before the day begins!

"This is absolutely absurd," said Edward Goodfellow - the Victoria BC father on the screen.

Another day; another NIMBY? Well - not exactly.

Turns out that, without any pre-consult with the community or school administration, the Vancouver Island Health Authority has announced plans to locate a needle exchange in the old St. John's Ambulance building at 941 Pandora Avenue.

The Principal of the school, with admirable reticence, said only, "We are concerned that no-one would have spoken with us; we will be checking with the Authority and the City."

What's wrong with the idea - apart from the obvious?

Well, that building just happens to be right across the road from St. Andrew's Elementary School and playground at 1002 Pandora Avenue.

As we have come to expect, the rationale is that needle exchanges, "help to control the spread of HIV, and a police spokesman assures everyone they will be "keeping a close eye on what goes on there".

Yada, yada, yada.

My guess is that, despite an urgent meeting between parents and the school, they're on a losing wicket. Pandora is a marked street - it is already home to The Homelessness Initiative at 653, the Casual Labour Pool/Victoria Cool Aid Society at 749, and the Innovative Community Project at 1027 Pandora.

If the idea goes ahead, the school, along with its parents, teachers and students, will find it harder and harder to live up to their Mission and Beliefs:

St. Andrew's MissionThe mission of St. Andrew's Elementary is to provide a safe, stimulating, nurturing environment where a diversity of instruction is used to develop responsible, productive, lifelong learners who respect themselves, other people and their surroundings, and who use their knowledge and skills to adapt to a changing world.

And change their world most certainly will - far sooner than one would ever hope elementary school-age children needed to know.

Elizabeth James

Read the Times Colonist coverage of this travesty here.
What needle exchanges do is provide a sense of purpose and fulfill the need to be needed for the people who work at the exchanges. They are as mistaken and hopless as the dope sellers.