Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Most Dangerous Man

Many of us cherish the belief that Psychiatrists are among the craziest and most dangerous class of people in society.

I appreciate that this is an unhealthy categorical thinking that could be construed as "hate."

Or just a gentle warning to always listen carefully.

Today's example is chilling.

Psychiatrist says Greyhound bus killer could be released inside of 5 years

Vince Li stabbed, decapitated and dismembered 22-year-old Tim McLean in front of nearly three dozen horror-stricken witnesses on board a Greyhound bus outside Portage la Prairie, Man., in July 2008.

Li was suffering from untreated schizophrenia and psychotic delusions at the time.

Li was found not criminally responsible during his trial in March 2009. A provincial panel ruled ten months ago that the Chinese immigrant must be confined indefinitely under heavy security at the Selkirk Mental Health Centre.

Dr. Stanley Yaren, Li's original psychiatrist, said Monday that his former patient is making good progress in treatment — and could be released into the community in a matter of years.

"It's really a guess," Yaren said. "But I'm going to say a time frame within five years is not unrealistic.

"Relatively speaking, his response to treatment . . . has been better than average, somewhat faster than usual."

Here is my question.

Is there any possible explanation for how completely out of touch this psychiatrist is with reality?

Is there any possible explanation for how this psychiatrist is allowed to continue to practice?

Violent Young Offenders

Yesterday, we were babbling in this space about the Federal Government's considerations to let the public know the names and faces of violent young offenders, and the raising of such violent young offenders to adult court.

Today, the poster boy for this initiative appears.

The currently unnamed suspect (He was 17 darling years at the time of the offences - last year.) had been spending his free time drawing swastikas and the words "kill Jews" on mailboxes, synagogues and war memorials for Holocaust survivors.

For this he is being charged with mischief and "hate-related" charges.


I am a Jew.

I would like to know this sweet fellow's name.

I want to see his photo.

I want to know when to cross the street or grab a brick.

His "rights" are being protected by some perversion of bad thinking and legislation.

And my rights?

Open Court

TV cameras in BC courts?

By all means.

Bring it on.

.C. Attorney-General Mike de Jong says he would like to see cameras in the province's civil and criminal courts with a pilot project as soon as this fall.

“The justice system belongs to people that it is designed to serve and who pay for it,” said Mr. de Jong, who practised criminal and matrimonial law for six years before entering politics. “I am also very concerned about what I see is a growing disconnect between the justice system and the people,” he said yesterday in an interview.

There are those who are opposed, suggesting with some good sense that the players will begin the cameras that is.

This may be what comes to pass, but it is a small price for more transparency.

Of course, this being Canerda, we are looking at a "pilot project."

God forbid anyone in office should ever just make a decision and get behind it.

Unless, of course,m it means more tax revenue.


1. Are we surprised that Blockbuster is on the ropes?

Not really.

Netflicks, vending machines and Cable downloads of current hits have made your corner store look like log cabins.

I'm always surprised when I see that they're still open.

2. What does "branding" mean?

Check out the quarterly reports for Nike.

In spite of the Tiger Tale. profits have DOUBLED.

I don't know about you but I will drive another 10 blocks and endure more service indifference from non-existent clerks to avoid buying the swoosh.

Fortunately, the brand doesn't need meanies like me.

I remember a few days after the SUV crash seeing a middle-aged paunchy Chinese man in a Chinese restaurant wearing his sporty TW/NIke ball cap and thinking, "Like they've got something to worry about...right!"

Victor is Not an Obama Fan

Victor, whose comments are occasionally given free reign here, is my friend. We do not always agree on matters. This is such a case.

Ok, now I'm pissed.

I wonder how many of the Jewish glitterati who supported Obama are
surprised by his hard line on Israel. These glitterati included not
only the Hollywood types (Streisand, Geffen, Spielberg) but multi-
billionaires like Sergei Brin, co-owner of Google.

They made the assumption, I suppose, that a black president would be
empathetic to a minority like the Jews.

Damn, dumb fools. Not a month of street smarts among them. Not a week.

There is a strain of anti-Jewish sentiment among blacks that runs as
long and putrid as a piss stain on a wino's leg.

Remember Jessie Jackson's apology tour for his " Hymie" remarks.

Research Martin Luther King and savour his frequent and consistent
anti-Jewish rants. He hated Jews.

Understand, there are 250 million Moslems in Africa. Obama's dad was
born there.

I lived in Detroit when it burned in 67 and saw interviews with blacks
rejoicing about burning " Jew stores". Where did they come by that?
Well, I suppose that because Jews were a mercantile culture, they
opened a lot of small stores in the 19th and 20th centuries and had no
choice but to collect overdue bills from poor blacks buying shoes for
their kids. Would you want to have that conversation?

As for Obama, read carefully and think.

He is facing a close mid term election in November. He needs that
record black vote that got him elected.

Whether you like to think it or not, beating up on Jews, however
discreetly, scores well in some segments of the American black

Yes, I know, Hillary and Joe Biden echoed Obama's views.

A liar and a jerk.

Hillary, in her memoir, said she was shocked, shocked (cue Claude
Rains) to discover Bill had cheated.

As for Biden, Google "Biden and gaffes" and be prepared to spend an

I have remained an Israeli hawk for decades. It's self interest. Jews
gather patents and Nobel prizes in amazing numbers. They advance
science and save lives far beyond their small numbers.

Is George Clooney really waiting for the next medical miracle from