Friday, May 9, 2008

America at the Crossroads

Barak Obama is poised to win the Democratic nomination.

All things are possible in primaries and elections, so this is not a given, but it is looking pretty solid.

I like and admire Hillary Clinton.

But I am saddened by the stench of flop sweat in her recent racial comments on voting patterns.

Let's say Obama wins.

America, rocked by the Iraq War, Afghanistan, recession, bad schools, lack of universal health coverage for its citizens and the worst reputation it has ever held in the rest of the world, is at yet another historic moment.

Obama is not the second coming of the messiah, but he is different and refreshing and youthful and full of hope and vigor.

How dreadful would it be for American voters to turn their faces away from the future and vote for McCain?

McCain is the poster boy for The Past. He is old and tired and closed in a pen of stale and failing ideas.

Obama may have much to learn as a leader, but he is the best hope for healthy new beginnings.

I hope he wins.

Tales of Nitties & Titties

First the Nitties:

Vancouver City Councillor, B.C. Lee, will not run again. Boo effing Hoo.

Lee was a total disgrace from the word Go. He did nothing, zilch, zero on his three years on council.

The Nutty Mayor praised Lee's contributions. 'Nuff said.

Arthur Griffiths, a man who never met a deal he couldn't screw up, will run for the BC Liberals. Oh, the excitement.

Griffiths, like Paris Hilton only without the attributes, is famous for being famous. He is the son of a wealthy successful man, who has not mirrored his father's considerable accomplishments.

But Gord likes to be near wealth and power, so Griffiths should suit his limited tastes just fine.

Now, the Titties:

Canwest assigned no less than FIVE journalists and devoted one entire page to politicians and their personal love lives and sex romps. Page A4 no less.

People fall in and out of love. People have sex. Get over it.

Will I soon find The Sun at my Safeway checkout next to The Enquirer, The Star, Oprah, People and all those other illuminating journals?

Children & Families Ministry Hits New Low

I have been writing a great deal of late on the dissater area known as the BC Ministry of Children & Family's. I have also been calling for the resignation of the dead-at-the-wheel Minister, Tom Christensen.

But today's story by Ethan Baron in The Province really tops it all.

The Headline reads thus: "Five girls in care have been selling sex on Craigslist, police say."

The story can be read here.

The last line reads thus:

"The children's ministry and Craigslist did not provide interviews requested by The Province."

Email your Premier.

The Evil Twin

What's more frightening - Mother Nature or the Government of Man?

Myanmar has the answer for you.

After an estimated 100,000 dead and as many as 1.5 million facing starvation and disease, the military junta that rules old Burma is doing everything in its considerable power to NOT allow foreign aid to enter the stricken country.

Of course, this is hardly the first time in history this has happened. It is, in fact, an oft-repeated story. How many progressive steps forward in science and technology, for example, have been kept from impoverished people thanks only to political will?

For the Myanmar tragedy, read this morning's NY Times piece here.

Eddie Arnold - R.I.P.


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