Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Norval Morrisseau

There was no other Noravla Morrisseau than Norval Morrisseau.

Anybody who knew anything about his life will marvel that he lived until he was 75 and will shed at a tear at his passing.

He was a unique Canadian artist.

If you ever happen to Saltspring Island, stop in at the Thunderbird Gallery, which for years has carried Morrisseau originals and has championed the man's work.

Shooting the Messenger - BC Style

It is unusual for Vaughn Palmer to be so offended by government arrogance that he would use a word like "nitwit" in his column.

But that's exactly what he did this morning referring to the backbencher Liberals in their grilling of Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond when she asked for more money to defend the children of this province.

Who is their puppet master? The Travelling in Asia Premier?

Someone Please Take a Census of How Far Behind Census Canada Always is

It is instructive to see Malcolm Brodie talking about "diversity in Richmond."

What he doesn't acknowledge, of course, is that most of the recent immigrant citizens in his city do not vote. He is a Mayor by Default.

No knowledgeable electorate - if such a thing exists anywhere on this flat earth - would tolerate such incompetence.

As for the other revelations from Census Canada - duh?

We didn't know about the changing and largely changed demographics here in "British" Columbia? And how these changes make us "world-class" is mysterious.

And neither French nor English is the first language of 40%? This is news. This is what has been self-evident for some time now to anyone who leaves his house.

When you are invited to take your driver's license written test in one of 140 languages, you know something has changed in the last generation.

For good or bad - and there is a full and hearty mix of both in this story - this is the new reality and Census Canada is, as usual way behind the curve.

Hanukkah in Santa Monica by Tom Lehrer

Willie Nelson - Always On My Mind