Thursday, July 5, 2007

Stop Sending Canadian Soldiers to Afghanistan

I have never been more sure of an opinion.

We have no business sending Candadian soldiers to Afghanistan.

As 6 more Canadian soldiers were killed yesterday, bringing the total to 67, and yet another grieving family was profiled below the morning masthead, I was convinced more than ever that this is the most fruitless effort.

I appreciate that not everone agrees with me. But I am firm in this belief.

Justice - One Little Case at a Time...

It was refreshing to see a Surrey kidnapper sentenced to 13 years in jail. But why are these sentences so few and far between? And did this one result in the kind of sentence most reasonable people expect, while so many other murderers, rapists and sundry scum get off with hand slapping?

The so-called Criminal Justice System remains one of the great mysteries.

Congrats to The Women!

Congratulations are much in order to Harsha Walia and the women she is working with in The Power of Women Group for their marvelous challenge to our loopy mayor and his dreadfully inept sidekicks at City Hall.

The Group has asked the good mayor and councillors to trade places with them Ha!

The first result of this challenge is a full page story in The Vancouver Sun.

We will see what other results may follow, but this much is certain: Great PR and Community development work in action. More! More! More!