Friday, August 3, 2007

George W Bush and Andy Dick

fabulously funny

Hookers' Rights My Top Concern

Yes, that's what I think about first thing every morning when I open my eyes and face another day in the heavenly jurisdiction of Canada:

"Gosh," I mutter not too loudly lest I disturb the neighbours, "I hope and trust that there are no infringements today on any sex worker's rights to freedom of expression. Cause if there were, Boy, that would make it a rough day for me."

"Thank goodness," I continue, emboldened now by the sounds of 3 dogs barking, "thank goodness for all those good and civic-minded lawyers who are attending to these pressing urgencies."

Insights Abound At Parole Board

Boxter Boy is "selfish and hedonistic."


Who knew that the Parole Board could be so incisive?

Funny, they never once asked him what he did for a living and they never once called him an unrepentant criminal, which is what he is and has always been and will always be.

Excitement at City Hall

"I think it's a great idea," said GVRD vice-chairman and Vancouver Councillor Peter Ladner.

This is what turns Pete on?

The GVRD will be renamed Metro Vancouver. YAWN!

This will only cost taxpayers a few million in signage, business cards, letterhead, fax paper.

Why this is exciting, isn't it?

Right up there with Kim Capri's organic eggs motion.

This is the dumbest city council in living memory.