Monday, June 25, 2007

Taliban Sam

The Mayor supports the Taliban.

But he is not alone. So do the last two Mayors, Owen and Campbell.

How do I figure this? I'll tell you.

It has been clear and obvious for some time now (and reported in today's CanWest papers) that it is heroin money that buys terrorists' bullets.

Now the 3 Mayors and all the other destructive deluded fools who want to keep giving dope fiends their dope (rather than helping them quit) are saying let's keep The Heroin Trade alive. In fact, let's make it government policy.

It's the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Or, in this tragic case, The Law of Short-Sighted, Wrong-Footed Nitwits Who Wouldn't Know Real Compassion if They Fell in a Vat of It.

Patented Sam

Everything The Nutty Mayor does is coldly calculated.

Hiding behind his little boy cover story, Sullivan is the most premeditated of men.

Thus, when he claims that he was just trying to protect the phrase "ecodensity" by registering it in his own name, he is being disingenuous at best, lying at worst.

It has taken the opposition Vision party an entire week to emerge from their endless hibernation and challenge this patently self-serving action on the part of Sullivan.

It is simple and clear. if the Mayor had truly wanted to save "ecodensity" for the City, he would have sent one of his many minions to the City Manager to take care of it. Instead, he went to an outside legal firm and applied on his own behalf in his own name. Sullivan has a long history of registering patents and he knows exactly what he is doing.

Too bad the other painted faces and rubber noses at 12th and Cambie don't.