Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bargains! Hurry While They Last!

Here's watcha get:

Four tix to all events

Opening & Closing ceremonies

Gold Medal Men's hockey final (even if it's between Uruguay and Bosnia)

Spot in the torch relay

Supplied car and driver for all 17 days of event.



Only $285,000.

When calling, ask for the Club 2010 packages.

Cautionary note: Bleeeeep! ( a B-flat, I believe)

Careful to avoid giving out your home or office street address.

Big men in little white coats may soon arrive.

This is, remember, The People's Event.

It is bringing people together.

People with deeeeeeeeep pockets, that is.

Slow Gnus Day

Talk about a non-story.

B.C. inmates to receive flu vaccine before prison staff

I spoke to the warden of a major institution about half an hour ago. We were talking about something else entirely, but when this idiocy turned up we both laughed.

The truth is that the inmates will get their shots about 22 seconds before the staff.

Who(m) Can You Trust?

Juanita Castro, Fidel's baby sis, has revealed after 48 years that she was a CIA spy.

Gee whiz.

If you can't trust your kid sister...