Sunday, October 4, 2009


There are a handful of movies that I have seen so many times, that have each become so much apart of my psychic life that I feel, when I watch them, that I am in the movie, that I am living the life of the movie.

Ridiculous, but it it so.

Such is the power of a good movie well told.

Such is the weakness of my shabby soul.

I say the lines along with the actors. I sing the songs. I cast the side-long glances.

My all-time favorite movie, "Lawrence of Arabia" is largely exempt from this personal psychosis. The movie is simply too vast, too enormous for me to traverse. O'Toole was so impossibly handsome and blond that it is hard for me to transport myself into his boots and up onto one of those camels. Nevertheless, I love the movie. I rarely watch it on TV because it is the great epic and we need that 35 foot screen or better to capture the sense of its scope and beauty.

On the other hand...

How many times have I watched "The Godfather" or "Funny Girl?"

Basically any time they show up on the tube.

I will tell myself that I'll just check in and catch a few scenes.


Not till all the men are kissing Michael's hand, while Kay looks on amidst the packing boxes and Barbra sings the last note of "My Man" am I released.

Look...there's a reason G-d invented popcorn.


Who's Being Naive Now, Kay?