Tuesday, July 21, 2009


In case you missed it, here are the first few paragraphs from this m orning's Globe:

n a ruling that places limits on the principle of cabinet confidentiality and is expected to prove pivotal in a long-running political corruption trial, Premier Gordon Campbell and his top officials have been ordered to turn over their e-mail records to the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett said Monday she wants to review the e-mails of Mr. Campbell, his chief of staff, Martyn Brown, his executive assistant, Lara Dauphinee, his deputy minister, Brenda Eaton, his former chief adviser, Ken Dobell, and several other key elected and appointed officials.

The government is also required to produce the e-mails of former finance minister Gary Collins and former deputy premier Christy Clark, both of whom left politics in 2004."

We said here the other day that Monday would be the day the rubber hits the road.


In Gary Mason's front page column, he suggests this may be the beginning of an ignoble end for Premier Gordon Campbell:

"As court rulings go, this one may be without precedent in Canada: an order for a sitting Premier and select members of his staff and cabinet to turn their e-mails over to a court."

The unpsoken whote elephant in the middle of the office in this case is the distinct possibility that

"Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk leaked information to lobbyists representing one of the companies bidding for BC Rail, it was a deliberate strategy designed to drive up the price of the asset. Not only that, it was a plan approved by cabinet, including the Premier. Additionally, others were leaking information, too, including cabinet ministers."

What is most troubling is that if the emails in question can not be found or produced, the entire case, which has already cost you and me $20 Million, could be tossed out of court, in which case everyone will run away untouched and none of the truths will ever come to light.

Hold onto your horses.

This is the political story in this neck of the woods in ages and it stinks and it will get even smellier by the day.


President Obama is doing everything he can to bring medical insurance to the 45 million Americans who have been without for far too long.

The horror show of the Republican attempts to stop this necessary and essential service is disgusting.

Unable to find enough reasonable arguments to defeat this inevitability and bereft of good debating skills, the Republicans have resorted as usual to name calling.

Ah, the good old ad hominum argument. You Putz!

It was a pleasure to see Obama say clearly and with quiet confidence, "This is not about me. It is about health care for children and families who have none."


Kudos to 24 Hours Newspaper, who yesterday featured a cover story on The Last Door, which for over 25 years now has been taking in deeply disturbed people called drug addicts and turning out clean and sober citizens.

This was no small deal. The publishing of the story. Everyone else in the media has been consistently buying and selling the Harm Seduction evil fantasy.

So how refreshing it was to see this beacon of light on a front page.

That, of course, is small potatoes to the extraordinary good work that The Last Door does day in and day out.

When you run out of things for whuch to be grateful, add these folks to your list.