Saturday, April 19, 2008

What goes elliptical...

The best headline of the week, hands down was today's RICHMOND OLYMPIC OVAL HAS MOULD IN ITS ROOF.

And the simple, scientific explanation is this:

The mould seeped through from the minds of the management and mayor and city council of Richmond.

This fiasco has been one long, expensive, un-asked-for, undemocratic ego trip from the word go.

Mould doesn't even begin to describe this travesty.

What is surprising and disappointing is that Canwest Global has not bothered to do an in depth analysis and exposure, in its papers or TV stations, of the boondoggle that has been the norm in Richmond for years.

I will hold my breath and float to the ceiling...and then I can fix the mould.

By the way, watch for the new John Cusack-Scarlett Johansson horror thriller coming to a multi-plex near you soon, "THE RICHMOND MOOOOUUUUUULLLLD."

The Real Jolson