Sunday, April 20, 2008

Evergreen for some...

To the Editor

Northwest Route for Evergreen Line - Province April 20/08

Dismissing the destruction of Small Businesses is short-sighted.

Before another penny of our tax money goes towards any other transportationmega-projects, or obscene pay raises, the small businesses that have beendemolished by the Canada Line Big Dig must be fully compensated for theirobvious losses.

There is a seemingly endless supply of tax dollars for projects that aredriven by this Provincial government, especially for anything that can belinked to the Olympics in 2010 - with no meaningful consultaion from thepublic, and controlled by a transportation board with no publicaccountability.

The Small Businesses all alnog the Canada Line route were the collateraldamage of the massive development plans for the Cambie Corridor. The'temporary disruption' to our livelihoods has been continuing for two yearsnow, and counting. We have suffered unprecedented hardship both personallyand financially while every level of government and all the project partnershave turned a blind eye, even now in the face of scores of bancruptcies.There is nothing temporary about losing your life's work.

What has happened to this community along the Canada Line is shocking. Thisabuse of power must be made right with immediate full financial relief. Ifpublic projects such as this cannot factor in adequate compensation, andtake care of citizens who are impacted; the projects should not proceed.

Susan HeyesHazel&Co3190 Cambie Street604 687-0721

Arms-Length Crown Corps are good for th Government

The ICBC stink gets better.

Managers drive in to have their cars painted for free.

And what else?

These daily revelations about the rot at the top are obviously the tips of the iceberg.

And will anyone ever expose the identical behaviours at Richmond City Hall and Richmond Wroks Yard?

Important New Law - Very Old-Fashioned Law-Maker

The good news is that Kathleen Walker, a lawyer and former prosecutor, will try to create a groundswell of public support for tougher, more wide-spread restraining orders when it comes to protecting kids.

The bad news is that to turn this excellent idea into law, she will have to meet with Wally Opaque, the Attorney-General, who has turned inaction into an art form.

In the new opera based on Wally's leadership style, the entire cast stands at the lip of the stage burping out every second note. It's a gas.