Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to the LIberals? Save us! Save us!

The Sun is on this morning about Stephen Harper's possible "secret agenda."

I neither like nor dislike Mr. Harper. I certainly have not leapt to autpilotly demonizing him because a)he is the prime Minister, b) he's a Conservative, c) he's a white, middle-aged slightly pudgy male (Although I do believe that makes him immediately qualified for News Anchor or talk show host.)

I think he is being a perfectly reasonable, dull manager of the state. Which is fine with me. Pay the bills and be quiet.


What am I supposed to do with this brilliant analysis of Harper? Run to the safe warm harbor and bosom of THE LIBERALS???

Does anyone in Editorial Land have a memory?


Gary said...

"Does anyone in Editorial Land have a memory"? While not in Editorial Land, I for one certainly do have a memory. Culture Of Entitlement, springs to mind. The most corrupt Government the Country has ever witnessed would be another. I had a third "memory", but I have just forgotten it.............

nachtwache said...

I'm certainly happy with a government that uses some sense when making decisions. Dull is fine with me, we don't elect them to entertain us but to run the country.
I guess that's not interesting enough for the newspaper.

fedup said...

the longer the conservatives plod along the less likely it is that the libs wil be able to play their fearmongering card, which is about all they ever really said during their campaigns while chretien the idiot and mr. dithers were in power. only 22% want an election this spring. doesn't that mean 78% are happy enough with harper? at least we're not hearing about scandal and wanton waste every week. speaking of which, anybody remember the ndp of the 90's?

PelaLusa said...

I'm always amused when Bill Good steadfastly denies that there's no general liberal (or Liberal) bias amongst many in the media. The other day, a caller related how a national CTV political show appeared to be more like a 1-hour Liberal commercial, with the hosts vying to see who would be the future Liberal senate appointee.

And then there's the CBC, especially CBC Radio. Except for Rex Murphy, most everyone in that organization appears to sold into & paid for the Liberal or NDP parties. When they allow e-mail feedback into a discussion, I often post a variation of this: "What kind of political discussion is this? I find it hilarious how so many on here would be quick to condemn Fox News for its right-wing bias (and rightly so) but yet are in absolute denial about there being any bias at the CBC. For the record, having a debate with left and ultra-left pundits does not constitute 'fair and balanced'!"

These days, with such a lukewarm, weak-kneed leader like Stephane Dion at the helm, it's the pinnacle of political comedy to watch the Liberal pundits stretch any semblance of reality to still support him. Here's a guy who has thrown away all principled stands except one: The Pursuit of Power.

When Harper astutely avoids appearing in front of the liberal press corp under their terms, they condemn him for it. But what sane person would?