Sunday, January 27, 2008

Privacy Above All - The New Cornerstone of Democracy

On Friday, we posted an item here in which we described women who have the gall to call themselves mothers smuggle heroin, coke and meth into prisons for their loving husbands. The dope is hidden in their babies clothes ans strollers. Mothers of the Year.

The Matsqui guard who discovered one such poster Mother was chastised by his "superiors" (At what are they superior? Stupidity? Missing the Big Picture?) for violating the prisoners privacy rights.

Joey Thompson of the Province Wrote about this.

The result is a letter to the editor in today's Province from a John Howard Society worker, arguing that "prohibition" is the culprit here and that we have fought mightily for 500 years to gain privacy rights.

No doubt this letter writer and warrior for democracy will also be intrigued by the Province's front page story, "We've Lost Track of Sex Offenders."

The RCMP officer in charge of the so-called registry says, "the system is a total mess."

Look at some of the more salient points highlighted in this report:

1. Registration isn't mandatory. ???

2. Vacation without notification. Registered sex offenders have a right to a 2 week vacation without notifying authorities. Hahahahaha....we are completely mad...

3. No Proactive Use of the registry. Police cannot look at the registry unless a crime has been committed. Brilliant.

4. No offenders' vehicle registration allowed. Because, as we all know, most sex offenders like to walk.

I am sure that the John Howard letter writer will sleep more contentedly this evening gknowing that the privacyr ights of dangerous criminals are being upheld and honored.

The fact that more women and children have been raped and assaulted because of these absurdities shouldn't bother the good man a wink.

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Gary said...

"Critics say the registry is handcuffed by Ottawa's fixation with the privacy rights of offenders". Which raises the question, what has John Les and Wally Opal done on our behalf regarding this. Have they been identifying WHO in Ottawa puts Shitrats Rights ahead of ours? No, of course not. I would suggest that if you asked the less than Honourable Mr. Opal who these Government fart-catchers are, that he wouldn't have a clue. Oh, and couldn't care less. Will he be re-elected, if he runs again? Of course! And here we are...........