Friday, January 25, 2008

Psychiatry is the Scourge of the Crimianl Justice System

The Province's cover story tell us just about all we need to know about how psychiatry is eating away at our criminal justice system.

A father stabs his teen-age daughter to death because he hears voices from God.

Of course, he is found unfit to stand trial.

The shrinks have 45 days to decide what we, the community, should do with him.

The defense lawyer says Daddy Daughter Killer will "require prolonged treatment and that will be in a secure institution."

First, show me the secure institution. Where is this exactly?

And second, is he just being cute when he speaks of "prolonged treatment?"

Does that hold out the delightful possibility that one day his handlers will declare that he is "cured" and is no longer a risk? I suppose if he's run out of daughters to kill, that would make him a good risk.

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