Monday, February 18, 2008

Behave! People are Watching!

Miro Cernetig, one of the best newspaper writers in town, has written the most peculiar column today.

The thrust of the column is in the headline. "Poisonous politics hurt Vancouver's Image at a critical juncture."

Perhaps he should worry more about substance than image.

So the mayoralty race is getting hot and messy. That's a bad thing?

That's called democracy. It's called politics.

Frankly, it's the most political fun we've had in these parts in ages.

But, Cernetig feels we should be pretty and sweet because "The world is literally turning its attention to us as the 2010 Olympics approach."

No it isn't.

Vancouver continues to be a lovely and wonderful pregnant fishing village by the sea. It barely qualifies as a city, let alone - brace yourself - a "world class city."

It's my home and I love it, but I also know what it is.

And people will be watching down hill slalom competitions and luge runs on TV.

Do you know what I remember about Sydney, Calgary and Salt Lake City from watching their Olympics?


So we should all be nice and behave because NBC will be here hiding in trucks in Squamish for 2 weeks?


Anonymous said...

"But shouldn't the mayor have sped up the wheels at city hall, had some land rezoned so that Microsoft's banner would be glowing on Vancouver's downtown skyline for 2010?"

A Microsoft "glowing" banner? How special. Seems to me I have heard that world interest in the Winter Olympics has been declining and continues to do so. Most people I speak with couldn't care less.
Personally, I preferred Vancouver the way it used to be.

David in N Bby said...

"Maybe all this poisonous political intrigue is just in the political DNA of this city."
That's right, Miro, politics everywhere else is so neat, tidy and polite. :roll:
Especially when compared to say, oh, Italy, when "billions of people (were) watching ... as never before." last time.
I don't know about anyone else, but the whole tone of Miro's piece was suggestive to me of caffeine and lack of sleep. Mulligan, perhaps.