Friday, February 8, 2008


It's good to know that the owner of the van that overutned last year, killing three farm workers and injuring 14 others, will be faced with a big fine.

But that's not even the beggining of cleaning up this mess.

Three days after that sickening and completely avoidable tragedy, that same company was yelling at its female immigrant employees at 6am to get into another completely unsafe van.

You won't read about that in the paper. I know because a friend of mine was standing there observing this atrocity.

The bc government has no laws requiring such vehicles to be inspected or carry seatbelts or have their tire pressure checked and any other simple safety procedure.

I lay this monstrocity entirely in the uncaring laps of the Olympic mistresses who call themselves our government.

Two seatbelts - 14 passengers....what gulag are we living in I ask again?

Oh I forgot...they are women and they are immigrants and they are in the valley out of view.

If only they were snowboarders or board of trade members.


fedup said...

isn't everything the government's fault david?

David Berner said...

No, not everything.

But this is a clear case of government neglect.

Millions are spent on irrelevancies, while no money is available for inspectors to make sure people are safe on the worksite.