Monday, February 25, 2008

Families of Gangsters and Bombers

The front-page story in this morning's Sun is such a convoluted and terrifying tale you must read it yourself in its entirety.

Gangsters and terrorists apparently are best of friends, relatives or in fact the same people in this neck of the woods.

And our criminal justice system is doing What to respond to this?


John said...


I wonder if Vancouver Sun columnists read anything in the Sun other than their own columnists. While us of the great unwashed are reading daily horror stories about our (in)justice system, Ian Mulgrew and Peter McKnight haven't seemed to notice:


Is this pair the worst bleeding heart team in Vancouver media or have I missed something?

Is there any balance in the editorial/opinion department at the Sun?

David Berner said...

Mildew is a sick boy. He is a dedicated pot smoker and he has completely discoun ted heimself in the eyes of most reasonable and informed people.

Shining Knight is one of the Annointed. He has had a greased path trhough life and knows only of his own exalted success. He lives on an island of preferential treaument and can;t be taken seriously.

MurdocK said...

The continued obfuscation will expand regarding these folks because far and away too many of them have 'donated' to be seen in pictures with an amazing array of our 'leading' politicians.

Canukistan continues...