Monday, February 11, 2008

Off Keyes.

I couldn't sit through the Grammys.

This is clearly a sign of what an old fogey I am.

The show opened with Alicia Keys doing a duet with a live orchestra and a video of Sinatra. It was pathetic, tragic.

There's Frank, cool and sophisticated and perfectly on pitch, and there's Keys off-key and shrieking.

I'm done. I'm outta here.

Enjoy The Master in the post below.


Martino said...

Can anyone answer this question...

Other than being a walking disaster, what the f*** is the obsession with Amy Winehouse?

Anonymous said...

I can't answer that question either... Contrary to the words of the "song" she sort of sang - she *should* have gone into rehab.

There *was* some great talent there though - Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli - The Rhapsody In Blue jazz/classical piano duet with Herbie Hancock and Lang Lang was terrific - and Tina Turner still belts it out fairly well.


Anonymous said...

I love Amy Winehouse.


anonamoose said...

Last Sunday's Grammy's had the third lowest rating of all time.
I guess nobody wanted to see that train wreck at the finish.