Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Richmond Broom Ball

The Richmond dirt was hidden away in a tiny piece on page B2 in this morning's Sun.

Mario Ferreira, a Richmond city employee, left work 6 years ago, sued the city for harrassment and finally settled out of court.

The city will never say what this was about or who did what to whom or what their libilities or responsibilites might be.

Sweep, sweep, sweep...

Nice work, Richmond.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice pun on the word, “sweep”, considering Mario Ferreira drove the street sweeper. He is a volatile individual, and harasses innocent people. I feel sorry for anyone who gets in his way. After the city gave him the cash settlement (Big Mistake!), he spent the last year and a half harassing the Strata Council where he lives. It sure takes a big man to rev his car past the little, ‘ol ladies around his complex! Vrooom, Vrooom, vroooom!