Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Secret Life of Hospitals

Nadeem Ismail, the health care specialist for the Fraser Institute, has published a Hospital Report Card.

Whether you like the Fraser Institute or not, I can tell you that Ismail is a good and smart man, who does thorough work.

What a triple shame, therefore, that the information in his report, which is central to good delivery of health care, is missing a few simple details - thanks to your government.

The information is this - Which hospitals are we talking about? None are named because your Provincial Minister of Health wants it that way.

Your Provincial Minister of Health is George Abbott. Send the fellow an email and tell him that you'd like to know which hospitals near you are dangerous places.

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Anonymous said...

David: What happened to CCHA - the Canadian Council for Hospital Accreditation. When I worked within the hospital system, CCHA used to perform annual performance audits. If a given hospital didn't measure up, its ability to "stay in business" was threatened. It only had to issue a warning once! As you know from the email I sent earlier, I am royally fed up with the way our provincial government gets away with everything short of murder.
Elizabeth James