Friday, March 7, 2008

BC PLace is the ugliest thing in the world and should be torn down at once

New Roof? $150 Million.

You crooks.

Tear the damn ugly thing down. Build housing.

Let the private sector build a new stadium between the railway tracks on the waterfront and use that as a fulcrum to develop and open the waterfront for restaurants, housings, shops, tourism and public walkways.


anonamoose said...

David, those are my thoughts exactly, and was there not an offer to build a soccer stadium for FREE at that location.

David in N Bby* said...

The soccer stadium (if it ever gets approved) will not accomodate our BC Lions -who would play their games where?
However, you've convinced me, Sir David, that people who have come here from the other side of the mountains to be unemployed should have free apartments in prime real estate because they throw paint around.
Why not tear down the Queen E, the Orpheum and the Playhouse and build on those sites?
They draw far fewer people combined than BC Place does. ;-P

(*ardent Lions fan, not an APC fan at all)