Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beware Government Ideas. They give new depth of meaning to the word, "Shallow."

John Les, the Solicitor-General of the province of BC, has a new program.

The story was buried on page B7.

It is so bad, it should have been buried on page Z11.

The program is called...wait for it...POMP.

I kid you not.

Prolific Offender Management Program.

The idea is to give the worst repeat offenders health care and treatment for addictions and a variety of other unavailable options...mental health, housing...

Where exactly, Mr. Les-is-less are these offerings, because I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of addicts, mentally ill and homeless who would love to know.

Perhaps this stroke of bureaucratic genius could be renamed The Society to Undo Political Excrescences, or STUPE.

Or, how about, Department of Un-Manageable Programs, or DUMP.

1 comment:

David in N Bby said...

In a government that has taken meaningless announcements and being economical with the truth to new heights, John Lies, I mean, Les, Les, has managed to distinguish himself.
Should qualify for some sort of award imho.