Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Have Nothing to Hide

O.K. We'll see about that.

Or will we?

BC's Top Cop has resigned his position while the very police for whom he was responsible continue their investigation into his dealings while mayor of Chilliwack.

John Les has done what he had no other choice to do.


This investigation has been underway since last summer.

Wally Opaque didn't know?

Nobody knew?

Can you say, "Tip of the Iceberg, boys and girls?"

Remember that Les(s) is always more.


MurdocK said...


Please do not make the same obvious and stupid mistake that the NDP leader has.

BC has a 'special prosecutor' office that has a MANDATE to operate at ARMS LENGTH away from the ministry. Star Chamber anyone?

Anyway this special prosecutor has the ability to operate without any Government oversight, meaning that dirty dealings of even those in high positions are of some value to these 'special investigations'.

For my part I applaud the individual 'special prosecutor' in this case and while it may be good that at least some of the muck under the rocks our 'politicoes' have built thier inookshooks on gets to see the light of day...I still suspect that this may be a case of killing a chicken to scare the monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Are the monkeys Gordon Campbell and Rich Coleman?

Anonymous said...

And Funny Falcon and all those TransLink fools and Dobell, the pure, and on and on, plus VANOC & all their developer friends who are screwing us royally. I prefer to be asked before being screwed.

We need a new zoo.

Anonymous said...

"ten little indians....and then there were none."

Anonymous said...

I heard another name for Wally Opaque. Stone Wally.