Saturday, March 15, 2008

Love is All Around....almost

It was so cheering to read that Muslim leaders are calling for a real peaceful sit-down with the Christian world.

My immediate reaction to this headline was, "Yah? And what about the Jews?"

Funny how these things work.

I had only to read another paragraph of the story to get the small rider the imams' loving spoonful.

Of course, murderous bastards like Israel are still the enemy and not invited to the kumbayah fest.


PelaLusa said...

Hatred for Israel and Jews in general is not limited to such Imams. It's very present amongst many non-Muslims in the West. The biggest perpetrators of such hate include: Most on the ultra-left, many in the UN, a surprising number of African-American leaders.

I've often wondered why. In most cases it seems to be easier to blame some external scapegoat rather than to look critically at one's self.

David in N Bby said...

"Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks friendship shall become one of their number. G-d does not guide the wrongdoers" Q.5:51

Sit-down, shmit down. I wouldn't feel too slighted if I had the priv of being Jewish. Whatever this is about it'll be more of the usual Taqiyya (Religious Deception, read your Koran).
We'll probably end up with the Archbishop of Canterbury (my guy :roll:) going round and round the Rock in a Box in Mecca demanding the UN mandate global Sharia law immediately (he's already half-way there. :roll: )
They probably figure the Rabbis are too smart to fall for whatever they're up to, so why bother?
They sure know where the fish are biting.

Anonymous said...

Like Israelis examine themselves much more than the western press would dare? One can be sickened by the actions of the Israeli government and not hate Jewish folk. Pelusa definately has some important points, but I suspect somehow manages to miss the point. As Herzog puts it, "the truth of accountants".....

MurdocK said...

Speaking of critical self-inspection, a Winter Soldier is going on right now in DC.

These testimonials deserve wide distribution, since CANADIANS have been and may still be operating under similar ROE (Rules Of Engagment).

Please David put this information out as the Real News will be continuing to add more testimonials, I think you could insert one or two into your blog.